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PBX phone system pricing sales 4 line 16 extension new office telephone exchanges


PBX phone system pricing sales 4 line 16 extension new office telephone exchanges

US $180.00

Min. Order: 50
FOB Price: US $180.00-US $260.00 /Piece/Pieces
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[ Guangdong,China,Asia ]
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  • Place of Origin:中国
  • Brand Name:沪光

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Our PBX is from China professional manufacturers, product specifications complete, powerful, suitable for hotels, factories, hotels, schools, hospitals, villas, office, coal mine, supermarket, railway, etc., welcome to order. Welcome to our country tourism, at the same time also welcome to our company.

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   Product description:


Specification: 4 exterior 16 extension  


Can be used with ordinary telephone


This product combines the advantages of domestic and international numerous group telephone already, but also has the advanced features of SPC exchange, has a unique advantage in technological innovation, is a kind of have a variety of new group telephone, powerful business office function is the user units to improve the communication conditions, improve the work efficiency, control the cost spending, improve the level of office intelligent ideal communications equipment.



Main technical parameters
Exchange formats: simulation of air separation
Phone line: four rope rope eight road
Inside a dial tone: 450 hz
Inside back to zero sound: 450 hz 1 seconds, four seconds
Stop confirmed sound: 450 hz to 0.7 seconds
Insider ringing: 1 seconds, stop for 4 seconds
Exterior line incoming call is ringing, vibration, 0.7 seconds to 2.5 seconds for 0.7 seconds 0.7 seconds of vibration pause
Power supply: AC220V plus or minus 10%, 50 hz
Power consumption: < 15 w
Size: 310 mm x 310 mm x 45 mm


The main function
1. the whole cord non-blocking exchange.
2.call display function (FSK and DTMF double system compatible).
3. automatic IP phone exhaled, cost savings.
4.exterior line incoming call can direct extension, can be recorded since the 2 section of the voice prompt.
5.breathe more level restrictions; Breathe out time limit; Dial the code limit limits; Password restrictions; Charter code restrictions.
6.can set a variety of flexible service function; Exhale hotline; Don't disturb busy callback; Displacement transfer; Busy a times; Answer the ringing, generation dial perimeter; Secretarial services;
Rp evictions outside threats music choice.
7.exchange can be flexible and simple configuration, its configuration is not affected by power outages, can keep unchanged for long.
Perimeter switch first to fourth extension of u of a power failure.



Warm prompt:
This product in use process, in a cool, ventilated, dry, damp places; Please note against lightning thunderstorm season, time can put the equipment of the power disconnect from work; At ordinary times is also in order to maintain the line of equipment and line interface is loose, sure can normal use.

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