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Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd is the standing member of China Chamber of Commerce for import & Export of Ma-chinery & Electric Products,the member of the 12 branches of china chamber of Commerce for import & Export of Machinery & Electric Products,the vice president enperprise of Liaoning Provincial Enterprise League of Machinery & Electirc Products and the vice chaiman enterprise of liaoning Provincial Foreign Trading Enterprise Association,and has been continuously franted the ISO9001-2000 Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System Certifica-tion.

Through full utilization of the platform of computer network and internet,Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd has devel-oped the modem & scientific management system of its own which is well customized to the development and business operation of the company .In 2004,Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd won the honor of "1st Session China Top 10 internet E-busines Trader".

While Liaoning MEC Group Co.,Ltd is growing and developing,we have never forgot our responsibility to the communities of the society.During the past decade,we have been continuously making big amount donations for the public welfares and have been highly appreciated and welcome by the public and the governmental authorities

We all long keep the firm faith to provide out customer with first class producet and services by exerting the advantages of out abundant human resources and scientific management system,we abide by the scientific management norms of leding strategy steady operation,pruden progress,and sustanable development.